Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Well, if someone dropped you into Wal-Mart would you know where everything was or even what you wanted without the signs? Of course not! Your website needs exposure, so it can be found on the web today. How does it get exposure? We strategically increase the rankings of your target keywords to appeal to the search engines.

Through Better Rankings you can build a brand that finally converts.  The search engines love relevant websites, so it is our job to give the search engines what they like. We will show you our progress on a monthly basis as we help you reach your milestones. We will start by doing a preliminary audit for your business, which includes the keyword strategy and the competitive strategy. We utilize the highest form of SEO strategies in the industry. We use a combination of press releases, high PR links, and continuous on-site optimization to guarantee our results.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization


Why even bother using us for your web design? We have spent millions of dollars on testing to know what is appealing to our consumers and what just doesn’t work any more. When businesses decide to go with us most of their A/B testing will be done for them. We have over 20 years of combined experience to help your business create the most effective design, which results in conversions and sales. We start out with a pre-questionnaire for your website preferences and combine it with our touch to help you build the most profitable business you have always wanted.



(SMO) Social Media Marketing

Are you getting tired of sitting at the computer and doing tedious work that almost never results in anything? Are you sick of those companies that offer you sales right off the bat with social media but don’t follow through with their promise? After working with hundreds of different companies and industries we have seen the same things happening over and over again. There is always a one-size fits all for every industry. Here at Better Rankings we create a customized strategy for your business. We start out with a comprehensive audit, a social media strategy, and then we execute the strategy and revise according to the results.

In addition, Better Rankings will help you develop the ultimate content plan and messaging for your audience. When this is done, we are ready to start implementing your campaign and FINALLY ready to carry out the tactics.

Did you really think marketing can be implemented without planning? Get outta here! If a social media firm is telling you they will just ‘set you up’ on all the popular networks, run the other way. If there is no plan, there is no progress, and no results!


Through BetterRankings experience paid search marketing really only works when you use it with a certain keyword strategy. Also, if you’re going to use paid search marketing and expect results, it’s best that you use a landing page, which needs to be designed simply and straight-forward in order to get the prospect or lead to take the appropriate “next step” in the sales funnel. Better Rankings is known for their landing pages and creating a strategy that really works in the market place. When companies use PPC for instant gratification and back it up with SEO efforts for organic rankings, we see a success everywhere!

Better Rankings will ensure that you reach your goals with the given strategy provided by us. The work will not be done until we are able to conduct in-depth research to select the most cost-effective keywords for your paid search campaign. Thereafter, it’s really about maintaining your paid search campaign, and optimizing your PPC efforts. We offer the initial set-up, monitoring and management along with the strategy revisions for every business.

(PPC) Pay-Per-Click Management


Content Writing Services

Who has time to write streams and streams of content to finally get picked up by the search engines? We have made this an easy process for you. Better Rankings has over 20 years of experience in content creation along with content planning and executing a strategy that works for your business. Our top team members have created content for award-winning businesses such as a famous restaurant chain for burgers, nationally known golf management company, an international make-up brand and many more. We research the top shared content in the industry and create content based on the relevancy and engagement trends of the top users.


BetterRankings knows that conversion optimization is a never-ending process. We will work with your company to develop measurable KPI’s that will increase your conversion rate. Before we do that we will have to test, test and test. This is the most grueling phase for most of our clients because it requires a lot of patience. First we create a baseline to work off of and then we test different methods to see which one is resulting in the most conversions. Based on this finding we will then implement a strategy to increase the sales! If you want to earn more sales than BetterRankings is your best bet.

Conversion rate optimization



Our business and online marketing consulting services entail a plan of action for your business to increase the rate of sales and business growth. We have experiences and failures to help back up our findings. Our consultants have over 50 years of experience in the industry and they are able to create plans and tutorials based on the milestones you share for your business. Online sales growth is based on continuous action and testing. We will use an assortment of testing techniques to help you increase the bottom line of your business while getting ranked in the search engines.


Most companies have a really low CTR when it comes to using ads to grow their conversions and sales. We use many different networks to ensure your conversion rate is at its peak. Our A/B testing program and strategy implementer allows us to predict the conversion rate of your retargeting ad even before it is implemented. If you see your business growing all over the Internet and increasing the conversions simultaneously then this service is for your business. We start off with the researching phase and move towards testing the ads out. Then our experts revise and re-strategize based on the results of the retargeting ad. This technique will allow your business to get the exposure it deserves in a short period of time.

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Mobile Marketing

We start out with the research phase because location is everything in the mobile industry. We then move on to the design phase since it is all about the location and appeal to the consumer. There are several different emotion triggers that need to be utilized in order for the design phase to be successful. Our team tests and creates ads based on the emotional triggers and cognitive bias of the consumer. We know it is important to market where your customers are. The top eye surgery doctors, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and many other businesses in the industry use our mobile marketing strategy!

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The trends show that people prefer visuals to text marketing. This is why videos are a vital aspect of your marketing campaign. Our team will use resources to research and brainstorm ideas about your brand’s vision. We will take those ideas and convert them into captivating videos that will engage and incentivize them towards a lead magnet. The lead magnet will allow use to collect opt-ins and promote the videos on other platforms to reach max exposure for your brand and business. If you want referrals and sales for your business this integral aspect of your marketing campaign!

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Video Marketing


Reputation Management

Turn your negative reputation to a positive one with BetterRankings. The business reputation is very important and a negative one can have a huge impact on your sales and customer acquisition. We know we can’t erase the damage that has already been done. This is why our team specializing in reputation management has developed a strategy to conquer bad reviews and avoid them from happening. We use mediums such as: videos, email marketing, and social media sites in order manage and monitor the reputation on the web.

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Mobility is trending and our app development team is able to create apps for your business based on the needs of your customers. We will create a targeted survey to find out what your top consumers really want from your business, put it in the form of an app and give it to them! Our mobile application services have shown the most efficient results in terms of app building and monetization. The most important part of mobile app building is making sure there is a consistent user base that will be taking advantage of the mobile app.

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Mobile App Development


Press Release Distribution

Our press release distribution service will promote your press release to many high PR channels and ensure pick-ups. We usually have a combination of different promotion services. Please inquire with us if your business is interested in the press release promotion and distribution.

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First we help organizations build a set of leads and then we utilize the information given to us about their target audience to create a email strategy. This will consist of a series of different email blasts and newsletters that your customer base looks forward to on a weekly basis. Our team will segment your lists and create the most effective content strategy that converts into sales. Your risk is dramatically reduced when you use our email marketing services.

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Email Marketing



What do you think of your brand? What do your consumers think of your brand? Development and consistency are the most important parts of the brand building process. This does not have to be an expensive service. We will discover what your consumers want, implement it in all the places where your customer base will be and execute a consistent strategy in which your customer base just can’t get enough of. We ensure the brand we build will be engaging, consistent, and unique towards the target audience of choice.

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