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WD 40

WD 40


“WD-40 Company is a global consumer products that deal with home improvement. Want to take the squeak out of the door? Then just use WD-40! Their products are found under the sink, in the garage and in toolboxes in more than 160 countries around the world.”


WD-40 wanted to increase their fan base in their VIP club. As soon as social sharing became popular they wanted to create a fan club for their loyal fans around the world. What would the membership entail? Well, they got the latest updates on the most recent giveaways.

They get to interact with the other loyal fans within the forums. Also, they posted DIY videos on unique ways to use WD-40. The fan club acquired its fan base on its own, but their goal was to get more people to join. How did would Global Marketing Tactics Strategically go about this new objective? That was our newest challenge.

We had to seek out the tools to find where their market was. Then bring them over to join the fan club.

What could we offer to have them join the fan club? Also, who were the major influencers for WD-40? Where could they be found?


Global Marketing Tactics started reaching out to the most influential bloggers in the home improvement department through market research.

We were able to gather hundreds of bloggers and offer them WD-40 collateral in order to post a giveaway on their blog: