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By combining these engineered materials with metals and plastics, and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a globally diversified, leading supplier of telecommunications equipment, office-document imaging equipment, solar power generating systems, semiconductor packages, electronic components, cutting tools and industrial ceramics.

The Kyocera ZIO is Android’s newest device with all new features. The ZIO was actually used in People’s Choice
Awards to read the names of the nominees and winners, instead of papers and envelopes.

We wanted to create a cross-promotion the People’s Choice Awards. We wanted everyone to know that in the year of 2011 we were going to call out the nominees from the Kyocera ZIO. How do we get the word out?

Now, that the People’s Choice Awards wanted to partner with us, how will we help them gain the awareness they want for the People’s Choice Awards? What metrics can we use to determine the success of the campaign?

The biggest challenge was using social media to get the word out about the event and the Kyocera ZIO. We wanted to reach out to celebrity gossipers to help spread the word of the promotion, but what could we offer them? Where was the target audience?

All these questions came up as we were developing the social media campaign for the Kyocera ZIO. Then we decided that we wanted to use an, but now how would we spread the news about the new app we got?


Now coming up with a strategy to market this application, how were we going to do it? This is when we utilized a blogger outreach campaign and reached out to all the potential celebrity gossipers out there. We complied over 300 different blogs and publications.

Then we started to reach out to them with a few incentives and prizes. Also, don’t forget we also had a chance for them to win a couple tickets to the Peoples Choice Awards. We combined these efforts with Twitter Advertising and the campaign we a success!

The Tweetwall was overloaded with people using the application and nominating their close ones.


Assisted in the design and implementation of the Global Marketing Tactics team and plan:
• Sales funnel creation
• Marketing automation set-­‐up
• Email marketing optimization
• Creation of Tweet wall
• Online marketing strategy creation
• Offline marketing strategy creation
• Creation of web application
• Tweetwall strategy and media outreach
• Influencer outreach program development


• Improved systems around marketing and training.
• Reduction in manual labor with funnel creation
• Achieved best practices,dashboards with supporting KPI’s and drivers to support scalability and mobility.
• Streamlined employee inquiries, better management of hiring costs and reduce compensation overpayments.
• Created profile management, transaction metrics and provided ability to validate projected metrics. August 31, 2014
• Over 5,000,000 new entries for the People’s Choice Award tickets.
• Net Promoter Score reach 154% positive.
• Twitter followers increased by 600,000
• Website visitors increased from 124,000 to 1,340,000 for 6 consecutive months.
• 450,000 Unique visitors to website.


Project Management & Team Leads:

Marketing Automation system for new customers and keeping in touch with old customers.
Development of all marketing and planning.
Creation of web application
Monitored result of campaign for 6 consecutive months
Execution of marketing campaign.
Over 1 million direct messages sent to Twitter users.
Creation of hashtag strategy.

Cross-­‐promotion development and partnership between People’s Choice and Kyocera ZIO.
1 Marketing Consultant,
1 CRM Consultant,
3 web developers,
20 marketing interns.