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Global Laser Vision

Global Laser Vision


Global Laser Vision, the premier site for laser vision correction, LASIK, Custom LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and CK in San Diego. Global Laser Vision makes the surgery safe, simple and accessible to the public.


Even though they had strong content and a robust website, GLV’s website was not ranking in the top 100 Google search results when they hired me. No search engine optimization was in place and the pay-per-click marketing campaign was showing little results. GLV want to outrank their competitors in the search engines by increasing the rank for their keywords.

This would help them generate the leads they needed in order meet their marketing initiatives. GLV’s overall goal was to increase their rankings organically (to beat their competitors) and to use pay-per click marketing to maintain the number one spot for the chosen keywords.


When I did the competitive keyword strategy and determined the keywords to target, I was able to make the website content more RELEVANT in terms of the keywords they were trying to rank for. Now, because GLV wanted to keep their services on a local basis, I was able to find long tail keywords that would target their demographic areas.

We chose five areas to target: La Jolla, San Diego, Poway, Ranch Bernardo, and Del Mar. We found that out of these five-targeted areas, we were getting the most of the clientele from Poway.

You would probably think La Jolla and Del Mar (rich neighborhoods) would be the targeted areas right? From our studies we found that the buying behavior of the Poway community spent more money than the richer areas. Why so? The rich areas would work hard, make money and then save it.

Then we started using the search engine to increase the visibility of the website and provide an incentive to the local community.

The tough part was building the links back up. We saw that their competitor was ranking #1 was of the amount of links they had. When I started GLV only had 4 links, after we built the links they were able to increase their rankings dramatically. After that we switched our focus to using pay-per-click marketing and building landing pages that would generate leads for them.

After four months I was able to show them results higher than they have seen in the past 4 years since they started using any type of Internet marketing.

Now, they were able to generate more leads, and rank for more competitive keywords than ever before.


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